First Day Procedures

Greetings Masonville Families!  Welcome back to school!  We are looking forward to meeting all of you on Tuesday morning.  Please read the following news so that you are aware of what to expect on September 3rd.

Please note that our parking lot is somewhat unique to accommodate our portables and the front laneway (closest to the school) is closed to all vehicles during the school day.  Gates have been installed to secure this area.  In addition, a Commissionaire will be stationed in the parking area to direct traffic and support our efforts to ensure student safety.  Please respect and follow our parking lot protocols as requested.  Thank you.

Bus Transportation: Students who have confirmed bus transportation for this year are encouraged to ride the bus to school on the first day.  We have 8 buses coming to and from Masonville this year and establishing our bus routines as soon as possible will be helpful for everyone involved.  Parents are encouraged to confirm bus routes and times on the website on Monday, September 2nd as updates may be made over the weekend.  If transportation is confirmed for your child at some point during the school day, he/she will not begin riding the bus until the following day.  A reminder to Kindergarten parents to attach your child’s bus tag to his/her backpack.  Thank you for your assistance.

Drivers: Our parking lot is going to be VERY busy with bus traffic this year.  If you are dropping off and/or picking up a Kindergarten child, you must park your vehicle and accompany the child to/from the school.  Grade 1-8 students are dropped off and picked up at our Kiss and Ride zone.  This is the only drop off and pick up location for drivers, as students are NOT permitted to cross through the parking lot during these very busy times.  The Kiss and Ride zone is a NO PARKING zone- if your child is not there upon your arrival, please circle around the parking lot again until he/she is present.  DO NOT PARK HERE AND WAIT FOR YOUR CHILD.  Thank you for your assistance.

Kindergarten Drop Off and Pick Up:  A reminder to K1 and K2 parents that we have “soft entry” and “dismissal” times in the Kindergarten program.  In the morning, you are invited to drop off your child up until 9:15 in the Kindergarten courtyard.  Students arriving past this time will be marked absent or late and need to check in at the office.  Pick up for Kindergarten is between 3:15 and 3:30.  You are strongly encouraged to arrive closer to 3:15, as the parking lot will become extremely busy.  Kindergarten students will be dismissed from the courtyard unless they are riding a bus. 

First Day Procedures:  All students will be gathering outside on the schoolyard between 8:45 and 9:00.  Students are to look for a chair labelled with their new grade level.  Teachers of that grade will be there and will arrange students by their new class assignment.  Kindergarten students are meeting their educators at the front of the school in the Kindergarten Courtyard. In the event that it is raining, Kindergarten students will be directed to their assigned classroom, Grades 1-3 to the gym, Grades 4-6 to the Activity Room and Grades 7-8 to the basement.

Parents on the yard are encouraged to say “goodbye” to their child outside.  We have a wonderful team of educators that will ensure that everyone settles in to new classrooms.  Thank you for your cooperation and for following our Safe School protocols.  As a friendly “welcome to school” celebration, our Masonville Home and School Association will be offering coffee to parents/guardians in front of the school at 8:45.  What a wonderful way to start the year!  Thank you to the H&S for offering this special treat.  Enjoy this holiday weekend everyone and we’ll see you on Tuesday!            

Digital Communication: Please be sure to update your child’s forms via the Parent Portal and ensure that you have created accounts for School Messenger and School Cash Online via the Parent Portal.  Visit our school website for ongoing updates at   School based information can be found under the OUR SCHOOL tab.

Wishing you all the best,               Mrs. Barr, Principal