First Day Procedures

Greetings Mustangs and Families:

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our "In Person" learners back to school next week.  Our team has been working incredibly hard to prepare for the healthy and safe return of everyone.  Please make note of the following information as your family prepares to come back to school.



As announced to TVDSB families on August 25th, schools will welcome students back to school the week of Sept. 14th in a staggered manner.  To better support our students in learning new procedures and protocols at Masonville, we will welcome students back in 2 groups according to their last name.  Each student will attend school for 3 days this week. 

LAST NAMES BEGINNING WITH A-K:  These students will attend school on Monday, Sept. 14 and Tuesday, Sept.15 from 9:00-3:30. 

LAST NAMES BEGINNING WITH L-Z:  These students will attend school on Wednesday, Sept. 16 and Thursday, Sept. 17 from 9:00-3:30. 

 ALL students will attend school on Friday, September 18th from 9:00-3:30. 



PARENTS/GUARDIANS MUST COMPLETE A STUDENT HEALTH AGREEMENT FOR EACH STUDENT RETURNING TO SCHOOL.  THIS MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 14TH.  IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY DONE SO, PLEASE GO TO THE PARENT PORTAL TO REVIEW and COMPLETE THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION IMMEDIATELY.  It is imperative that all parents/guardians/students understand this agreement as it is based upon the direction of the Ministry of Education and the Public Health Unit.  Should you be phoned by the school because your child has fallen ill and/or is demonstrating a sign/symptom of Covid-19, please ensure that you have a "Plan B" in place in the event that you are unable to pick up your child immediately from school.  

MEDICAL CONDITIONS:  Please note that an Individual Plan of Care (IPOC) for each student with a physician diagnosed prevalent condition is available online in the Parent Portal for your review and submission for the 2020-2021 school year.  THIS IS AN ANNUAL REQUIREMENT.  Students that have the following medical conditions; Asthma, Risk of Anaphylaxis, Epilepsy, Diabetes and a Health Condition are required to have an Individual Plan of care on file at the school. Schools are also required to have an Authorization for Administration of PRN Prescription medication at the school signed by a physician for medicine to be given as needed, daily or self-administered. Thank you for your ongoing assistance with keeping your child safe at school.    


The Ministry of Education requires all students between the grades of 4-12 to wear a non-medical mask while indoors during the school day and any time my child is indoors at school.  Students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 have been directed by the TVDSB Board of Trustees to wear face masks while indoors at school, but for those students who are unable, unwilling or have difficulty complying with the mask requirement, there will be no consequences. Reasonable exceptions to the requirement to wear masks (including but not limited to medical conditions) may be obtained from the school administration.  ALL students riding a bus, must wear a mask while riding to/from school.  Students must put their mask on prior to boarding the bus.

Things to think about regarding masks.

· Have more than one on hand in case one becomes soiled.  Reusable masks should be washed regularly at home.

· Students will have many opportunities during the day to remove their masks (outdoor learning times and recesses).

· Students will not be required to wear a mask outdoors.

· Students may remove masks during lunch as they will be eating at their desks.

· Students must wear their mask until they are outside. Think about how students will keep their mask safe and clean once it is taken off. Pockets are great; however, many outfits do not have them. Some parents have opted for Fanny packs or break-away lanyards so students can ensure masks stay connected to the student when not being worn. There are mask protectors that can be purchased and clipped to a student as well. Some families are opting to attach their child's mask to a hat with buttons.  Should you choose this option, our "no hats indoors" rule will be forgiven.  Be creative .

· Please label your student’s mask so if it falls from a pocket or out of a backpack we can return to the appropriate student.


The Ministry of Education mandated that schools were to develop staggered lunch and recess breaks for students to better assist with social distancing.  This will significantly reduce the number of students that we have on the recess yard during our breaks.  Grade 1-8 students will be provided with 2 lunch and recess breaks per day.  Kindergarten students will be on a separate schedule and will have different lunch and recess break times.  When packing your child's lunch, please be sure to pack nut-free foods in containers and packages that they can OPEN and CLOSE independently.  In addition, we are encouraging and promoting litterless lunches so please be prepared that food packaging will be returning home with your child in his/her lunch bag.  All students will require 2 clearly labelled water bottles.  Although students will have an opportunity to refill their water bottle at a refill station, we strongly encourage you to send 2 bottles so that this additional process can be avoided if possible.  This will assist with preserving instructional time and will reduce the number of students in our hallways.  Finally, we are no longer able to support having our grade 7-8 students leave the school property during lunch time on Fridays.  All students are being encouraged to stay at school for lunch as we are unable to monitor and/or trace contacts that students may encounter during the school day while off site.  Thank you for your assistance.