Dress Code

The school is a “work” environment, and both students and staff are expected to dress in a
manner appropriate to that purpose:

  • no hats, baseball-type caps, headbands, or other headgear are to be worn in the building unless such headgear is medically or religiously required or is school affiliated and approved by the principal
  • clothing or jewellery that shows vulgarity, violence, illegal substances, tobacco or alcohol endorsements are not allowed
  • camisole type tops with narrow string straps, one shoulder or halter tops, or those with very low necklines that are revealing are NOT permitted (straps two fingers wide, please) – this includes muscle tops 
  • sweaters, another shirt or sweatshirt may be worn over tank tops
  • undergarments should not be visible at any time
  • shorts, skirts and dresses must be long enough to reach students’ fingertips
  • all students require indoor shoes that are left at school
  • flip-flops are discouraged as they pose a risk to student safety while playing on the yard

(revised and adopted by Masonville School Council, June 2016)- to be reviewed Spring, 2019